Selective Call Forwarding

Selective Call Forwarding allows you to forward certain calls to another number. You create a list of phone numbers that you want forwarded. When someone on your list calls you, his or her call will ring at the forwarded phone. Calls from outside of your list will ring normally.

Monthly Charge: $2.00

To enter the “forward to” number (1st time):

-Listen for dial tone.

-Press *63 (1163 for rotary or pulse phones).

-Press 3, and then enter the number you’re call forwarding to.

-Press #, then 1 to confirm voice prompt (dial 12 for rotary or pulse phones instead of #).

To make your list (1st time):

-Press #, enter phone number, press #.

For subsequent list changes:

-Press *63, then #, enter phone number, press #.

To access or turn off this feature:

-Press *63, listen to prompt to tell if list is on or off. To turn on or off, dial 3.

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