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Cable Locating Flag Removal – Whose job is it?

The North Dakota Century Code 49-23 requires anyone who engages in any type of excavation, anywhere in North Dakota to provide notice of at least 48 hours in advance (excluding weekends and holidays) to North Dakota One-Call. Once North Dakota One-Call is called and you have given them all of the necessary information, they will contact all utilities in the area whose facilities may be affected by your excavation. These utilities will then mark with paint or flags the approximate horizontal location of their underground cables.


Excavators are required to remove all flags when the project is completed. With all of the excavating going on in the area, it is important that excavators remember to remove flags when the job is complete. Old flags not only become an eyesore, but cause confusion for future excavators working in the same area.


North Dakota One-Call can be reached by dialing 811 from your landline phone or 1-800-795-0555. You can also file your information online at www.ndonecall.com.

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