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RTC now offers free local calling within all RTC exchanges

Parshall, ND, January 9, 2017 –The local service rate increased to $22.46 for residential phone lines and to $25.00 for business phone lines on January 1, 2017. This rate increase is in response to the FCC’s local service rate floor benchmark which RTC is required to comply with. To bring value to local phone lines, RTC implemented a company-wide EAS, which means free local calling within all RTC exchanges!


As of January 1, you will no longer incur long distance charges for calls placed from your RTC landline to any other RTC landline. You will no longer need to dial 1+ or 701, you simply dial the 7-digit number.


You can reference page 29 in your RTC phone directory or go to our exchange map at www.rtc.coop/about/exchanges.


RTC is always looking for ways to improve the services offered to members and we are excited to offer free local calling within our service territory to our customer,” says CEO/General Manager, Shane Hart

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