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RTC Now Offers Internet with NO Landline Phone Required

CEO/General Manager Shane Hart announced at RTC’s 66th Annual Meeting that RTC will begin offering customers the option to purchase high-speed Internet service without requiring customers to also purchase landline phone service. Hart stated, “RTC is happy to be able to offer high-speed Internet only, an option customers have been requesting for some time.”


Internet only service is possible because of recent changes in FCC regulations regarding Universal Service Funding (USF). USF is a federally administered program designed to ensure that customers in rural and high-cost areas have access to telecommunication services at rates that are reasonably comparable to those in urban areas. Without USF the local rates RTC would have to charge would be significantly higher, making services unaffordable to the consumer. Historically, USF has been tied to the requirement of landline telephone service and the recent FCC changes now allow RTC to receive USF for either a telephone or an Internet subscriber.


RTC’s Gigabit Internet is 100 times faster than the national average, only three percent of the U.S. population has access to speeds of 1 Gig. RTC also offers other high-speed Internet options, including 100 Mbps, 250 Mbps, and 500 Mbps. All of these speeds are symmetrical, offering the same high upload and download speeds, as well as unlimited usage. Right now, RTC is offering a Free Amazon Dot when you sign up for Internet service, or upgrade your Internet speed.


Along with Internet and phone services, RTC continues to offer robust TV options to over 6,000 square miles of Northwest North Dakota. RTC also provides specialized services such as surveillance cameras, business phone systems, Secure Site2Site, and Wi-Fi options. Current customers who wish to eliminate their landline phone service by switching to the new offering of Internet only service will save money on their monthly bill. For those interested, contact RTC to make the quick, easy change. New customers can find the application online at rtc.coop/join-rtc or stop in at any of RTC’s three office locations.

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