RTC is proud to bring you this latest and greatest technology. Below are frequently asked questions to help you better understand Fiber-to-the-Home. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for additional services, please contact RTC’s Customer Service Department by dialing 0811 from your RTC phone or 888.862.3115.


Fiber-to-the-Home Frequently Asked Questions


Why is RTC putting in Fiber-to-the-Home?

• The old copper cable and equipment needs updating and instead of replacing it with new copper cable it will be replaced with fiber and new equipment.
• Fiber provides additional bandwidth which will allow us to offer higher internet speeds and provides a way for RTC to offer TV service in new areas.
• Fiber will also allow RTC to offer additional services in the future that haven’t even been thought of yet!


How does Fiber-to-the Home benefit customers?
• Fiber-to-the-Home will provide state-of-the-art voice, data, and video services.
• It requires less maintenance than copper cable.
• Fiber will allow RTC to offer TV services in new areas.


What is the process of putting in Fiber-to-the-Home?
• First equipment is mounted on each home and business in the project area. Then fiber is plowed to each of those homes and businesses. After plowing is complete the fiber is connected to the equipment and at that point your services are running over the new fiber optic cable.


What equipment is needed?
• The Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which will connect the fiber from outside to the wiring inside the house, and the power supply, which powers the ONT.


What does this equipment cost me?
• There is no charge for the equipment or fiber installation.


Who will be installing the equipment and plowing the fiber?
• RTC has hired several contractors to help complete the project. The contractors’ vehicles will be marked with RTC logos.

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