Computer accidents wait for nobody. That’s why its so important to back up your data early and often. FileHopper Plus is an automatic data backup solution that will back up your most important data every 30 minutes! Don’t leave your data to chance!


  • Easy online backup of your photos, music, documents and more.
  • Safe and secure 128 bit SSL encryption, the same protection technology used by banks today.
  • Automatic and reliable. Built to set it and forget it.
  • Fast, efficient backups. After the initial backup is complete, subsequent backups are lightning fast.
  • Multiple computer use. Install File Hopper Plus on any number of Windows or Mac computers.
  • Bandwidth throttling allows you to limit FileHopper Plus’ use of your internet connection to suit your needs.
  • File Sharing – Invite friends and family to safely view and share files online just by sending an e-mail!
  • Remote File Access – Access all your files and folders from any Internet connected computer!
  • FileHopper Plus allows you to utilize one online folder to store, access and edit your files on any computer you have FileHopper Plus installed on.
  • 24/7 Support. Phone, Chat and E-mail support are included at no extra cost.


To view the FileHopper Plus user guide, video tutorials and more, click here:


Three Storage Options:
5GB – $3.95/month
50GB – $6.95/month
250GB – $14.95/month


$10 one time activation fee


Protect Your Files Today! Call RTC 888.862.3115

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