Windows XP Internet Setup for ruggedwest.com

Your Username: ______________________________
Your Password: ______________________________
Your E-mail Address: _____________________________@ruggedwest.com

1. Click on Start, click on Control Panel. If the control panel is not on the right side, click on Settings to see it.
2. If “Switch to Classic View” is on the left of screen then click it. If “Switch to Category View” is showing leave it alone.
3. Double click Network Connections. Keep “Local Area Connection.” Delete any other dial-up connections.
4. Open the File Menu and click on New Connection.
5. The New Connection Wizard will appear, click Next.
6. Put the dot in “Connect to the Internet” and click Next.
7. Choose the middle option, “Set up my connection manually” and click Next.
8. Choose “Connect using dial-up modem” and click Next.
9. Enter RTC for the ISP name and click Next.
10. Enter the Local Access Number (see bottom of sheet for local number). Click Next.
11. If it asks about anyone’s use, choose anyone’s use and click Next. (This is for XP Professional users only.)
12. Type in your username.
13. Type your password in both boxes.
14. Make sure all 3 boxes are marked and then click on Next.
15. Check the box “Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop.”
16. Click finish.

Setting up E-mail with Outlook Express
1. Double click on Outlook Express or open from the Start>Programs Menu.
2. If the New Connection Wizard starts, go to step 5. If not, after Outlook Express opens, go to Tools Menu, and left click on Accounts.
3. Click on the Mail tab, and remove any other accounts by highlighting them and left clicking on Remove.
4. Then Click on Add and left click on Mail to start the New Connection Wizard.
5. Enter your Display Name. This should be your First and Last Name. Then click on Next.
6. Enter your E-mail address as printed above. Click Next.
7. Enter your mail server addresses. At the top should be POP3. In the middle box enter “pop3.ruggedwest.com.” In the bottom box enter “mail.ruggedwest.com.” Click Next. (Enter these in lower case. Do NOT include quotation marks.)
8. Type in the username and password for the account as printed above.
9. Check the box that says “remember password”. Click Next.
10. Click Finish. (If a connection configuration box appears, choose Manual Connection, click Next, click Finish.)
11. You should be returned to the Mail Account screen. Click on pop3.ruggedwest.com and then click on Properties.
12. Under the General Tab, enter your e-mail address in the Reply Address box. Then click OK.
13. Click Close.

RTC Internet Help Line
The RTC Internet Help Line is available to help with your internet-related questions. Contact the Help Line at:
Inside RTC Exchanges – Dial 0211
Outside RTC Exchanges – Dial 1.800.497.2151 or 701.627.4381
E-mail – rtchelp@restel.com

Local Access Numbers
Alexander – 828-3800
Arnegard – 586-3399
Douglas – 529-4899
Emmet – 337-2099
Garrison – 463-1099
Keene – 675-4444
Kenmare - 385-9500
Makoti – 726-5799
Mandaree – 759-3299
Max – 337-2099
New Town – 627-2150
Norma – 848-2200
Parshall – 862-4100
Plaza – 497-3599
Roseglen – 743-4099
Ross – 755-3599
Ryder – 758-2299
Spencer – 848-2200
Squaw Gap – 565-2599
Watford City – 842-3800

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