Local Phone Service

RTC offers local phone service to 20 exchanges throughout northwestern North Dakota.

  • Residential : $22.46*/ month
  • Business : $25.00*/ month
  • Activation : $30.00**

*Fee does not include County, State and Federal charges or taxes.

 **All materials and labor used inside premise will be billable above and beyond the activation fee.


Calling Features

RTC offers over 20 convenient calling features. Click here to see the list of features.


Extended Area Service

EAS allows subscribers in one exchange to call subscribers in another exchange without a long distance charge. Click here to see what exchanges are local calls for you.


Lifeline and Link Up Programs

Lifeline is an assistance program that can help eligible people afford telephone and broadband Internet service. Tribal Lifeline & Tribal Link Up programs for tribal areas help eligible people on tribal lands afford telephone and broadband Internet service. Click here for more information on Lifeline and Link Up. NOTE: You are only eligible for Lifeline services from one telecommunications provider.


Summer and Winter Disconnect Plans

Our seasonal disconnect plans work well for customers needing their RTC services disconnected during the summer or winter. When you go on a disconnect plan your telephone number will be saved and listed in the new directory and your Internet username will also be saved. For the following one-time fees your services will be disconnected when you contact us and they will be automatically reconnected on November 1 for summer disconnects or May 1 for winter disconnects. Please contact us if you would like to reconnect your services prior to these dates.

  • Phone : $30
  • Internet : $25*
  • TV : $30 – Waived when placing phone on disconnect plan at the same time

*Some restrictions may apply. If you are a WildBlue Satellite Speed Internet customer, you will be billed $6.65 per month while you are away. This will give you continued access to your email account. Your WildBlue service will automatically return to full service with the full monthly charge on May 1 (Winter Disconnect Plan) or November 1 (Summer Disconnect Plan). If you need it back to full service prior to these dates, you can contact RTC.


Please note: You will need to know your account security password when you call to place your account on a disconnect plan and when you call to reconnect.


Easy Payment Options

Click here to sign up for one of RTC’s convenient payment options.

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