RTC On-Hold Messaging

Sometimes you can’t avoid placing customers on hold so why not inform and entertain them while they wait?

RTC has partnered with Image Marketing/99 On-Hold to offer on-hold messaging products and services. Image Marketing/99 On-Hold, an experienced on-hold message service provider, helps you take care of your customers while they are on hold. This essential customer care comes in the form of on-hold messages that pacify and promote. By having silence on hold, businesses run the risk of losing the call and the accompanying potential sales at an alarming rate of 60%. Pre-produced and custom on-hold packages are available for any type of business.

On-Hold Messages…

• Build product awareness
• Introduce new products and/or services
• Encourage more inquiries and sales
• Reduce lost calls
• Provide valuable information like business hours, website or fax number

If you are interested in on-hold messaging for your business, call Image Marketing at 1.800.447.1997 or click here to visit the Image Marketing/99 On-Hold website.

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