Video Surveillance Cameras

RTC sells and installs Panasonic High Definition Cameras. These cameras work great for various situations including small businesses wanting to monitor the inside of their buildings, oil companies wanting to monitor well sites, and families wanting to monitor their homes – just to name a few.


Panasonic High Definition Cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. They provide top quality, high definition, live streaming video that can be viewed via a secure IP address and can also be recorded. You can even watch the camera feed using your smart phone for real on-the-go piece of mind.


An ideal solution for critical surveillance applications, Panasonic cameras can cover an area that would otherwise require multiple cameras and video analytics to provide intelligent motion detection using face finding and tripwire functionality. Other features include day/night functionality and environmental conditions monitoring. Cameras are fixed, fixed with zoom, or include pan, tilt, and zoom options.


For more information on RTC’s camera offerings, call 1.888.862.3115 or 1.701.862.3115.

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