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Manage your Wi-Fi network from the palm of your hand with

Whole Home Wi-Fi

Great Wi-Fi coverage in your home. Our technicians work with you to determine how many units you need, install equipment, set-up, test your network, and assist you in connecting your devices.

• RTC BLAST, with Wi-Fi 6

• Installation of equipment in optimal location

• Assistance connecting Wi-Fi devices

• Manage the Wi-Fi connected devices on your home network with myRTCnet

• Worry-free 24/7 remote technical support


Total Experience Wi-Fi

Take our Whole Home Wi-Fi set-up and make it even better with Total Experience Wi-Fi. Which includes everything from the Whole Home package plus:

• Optimized Wi-Fi footprint

• Added features to your myRTCnet

ProtectIQ: network protection

ExperienceIQ: manage content, applications, and websites (parental controls)

• One FREE truck roll per year ($80+ value)


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Network Protection (ProtectIQ)

Home network protection that provides peace of mind.

Home networks can be the target of cyberattacks, random probing for vulnerabilities and unprotected devices.

ProtectIQ provides:

• Malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.

• Traffic monitoring that automatically blocks anything that looks suspicious coming into your home.

• Notifications when content is blocked.

Included in Total Experience Wi-Fi Package

Parental Controls (ExperienceIQ)

You control your online experience.

Want the ability to manage the content, applications and websites for devices connected to your home network?

ExperienceIQ provides:

• Enhanced parental controls that give you the ability to enforce the rules you’ve established for your home.

• Family profile tools to manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in your home.

• Easy management through the myRTCnet mobile app.

Included in Total Experience Wi-Fi Package