Whole Home Wi-Fi + Instant Gigafication = COMPLETE GIGAFICATION

Is there room for improvement in your Wi-Fi?

With RTC’s Instant Gigafication Internet, you have the fastest speeds in the
nation. To enjoy Complete Gigafication, combine it with our Whole Home
Wi-Fi. It’s the solution if there are rooms in your home that only get a weak
Wi-Fi connection (or no connection at all).

Whole Home Wi-Fi* is a monthly service that provides guaranteed Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and includes an RTC assessment, installation, setup of your network, connection of devices and Tech Home Protect Plus.

Basic Wi-Fi Package

Not ready to jump into Whole Home Wi-Fi from RTC? Get RTC’s Basic Wi-Fi which includes an RTC Calix Gigacenter router, installation of the equipment, and a professional technician to set up and test your home network.


RTC owned Router Equipment

RTC Installation

RTC set up network

Ultimate Whole Home

Wi-Fi Package

Is your home a smart home? Are you keeping up with the latest technology? Need access to 24/7 premium technical support? Then the Ultimate Package is right for you. This package guarantees 100% Wi-Fi coverage in your home and includes an RTC Calix Gigacenter router and mesh units (which enhance your in home Wi-Fi signal). Our technicians will assess your home to determine how many units you need, install the equipment, set up and test your home network and connect your devices.


RTC owned Router Equipment

844E, 844G

Guaranteed Whole Home Wi-Fi

Calix 804 Mesh Unit

RTC Assessment/Installation

RTC set up network/connect devices

*Restrictions apply. Residential customers only. Requires a 100×100 Mbps speed or higher. Calix 804 Mesh units are the property of RTC. Packages include up to two units, additional units will need to be purchased. Anyone receiving one of these units is subject to $100 penalty if service is discontinued and units are not returned to RTC. Fees and taxes apply. Offer subject to change.